Friday, March 7, 2008

Ganadores III

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Anonymous said...

I spent 3 months in Paysandu in 1990.. May-Aug.. I loved it.. Make sure you stop at Chaja’.. They have the best dulce de leche bizcochos.. yum… I had a funny experience ordering a cheesecake there. I saw that they had a large cheesecake on display and ordered the largest piece of it. When I opened the bag and took a bit, I realized it was a small cake on the bottom and a chunk of cheese on top. On the way home I stopped for crackers and membrillo and had a Martiz Fierro. ;-)
The photo of the main street brings back so many memories. There used to be a hamburger shop on the main street run by a family from the US.
Love the site. Uruguay is a wonderful treasure.